“The Flying Elephant (Pvt.) Ltd.” Specializes in Human Resource Development. Especially in all “Go to Market Functions” such as Sales, Marketing, Branding, Merchandising, Retail and Customer Service. We provide:

  • Outsourced human power solutions (3rd party outsourcing)
  • Customized training programs
  • Consulting services & Modern trade solutions
  • Customer & channel development projects
  • Marketing, communication, branding & activation

Our expertise and the professional approach to recruitment aims at recruiting the most suitable candidates for our clients. We believe in taking good care of people and building a passionate and loyal team for our clients.

Why us?

TARGET: To Make Our Clients Grow in Market Share and Profit

Decades of combined experience in sales, marketing, advertising, sales channel management, modern trade and strategic planning gives us the ability to make your organization fly!

We are a total end to end solution provider with tailor made plans and 360 degree executions in all “Go to Market” requirements of corporate clients.


Customized skill and competency development resulting in increased sales, higher market shares, stronger brands, sustainable higher profits.


Business, Marketing and Sales Strategy Development. We dig deep, analyze data and identify core drivers of success. A 5 (Five) year vision and a 3 (Three) year road map.

Human Power Solutions

Outsource your entire Human Capital needs to us, where we accept complete management of your Human Resource. Specialised in 3P Sales-Force and Merchandising Operations.

Brand Strategy & Communication

Strategy, Concept and Execution. We offer a complete bouquet of services a brand need. For any advertising and communication needs please visit our sister company “Sherpa & Llama”

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